Adam Nagy

Mobile, Web & Game Developer.


I am Adam Nagy a Budapest based software developer. I wrote my first line of code more than 12 years ago, since then I delivered numerus exciting projects to different awesome clients. I believe working in a software development project is more than just coding. This process starts by understanding your partner’s idea and brainstorming together. And in the ends with two satisfied sides who made something great together.

Idea & concept

Everything starts with an idea. If you think you got that, I’m here to help make something great out of it.

Design & development

A well-looking UI is one thing, a well performing system is another, but to create a successful software you need both.

Testing & Launching

To make your product reliable it’s need to be very well tested. After that get ready for your business growth.

I produce complete software solutions tailored directly to my clients’ needs.

Mobile Projects

Your idea in

your hand.

Nowadays every pocket hides a smart phone. Creating a mobile app that everyone takes with them anywhere, is not impossible anymore. The only limitation is the imagination, and that’s why I love creating mobile apps as my main specialty. About my latest and ongoing projects check out my apps in Android Play Store or read more by click the button.

Check out my own released apps in Android Play Store


3D Projects

Connecting worlds.

The real world and the virtual world was always two thoroughly different things. I beg to differ. By using our new, emerging technologies such as VR, AR or EEG neuro feedback devices and creating a world around them, virtual reality won’t be a separate thing, only an expansion of the real one. About my latest and ongoing projects read more by clicking the button down below.


Open your perspective.

From time to time, I’m having speeches about how our mind works. It’s an exploration through optical illusions, logical problems and psychological experiments. An interesting time all about what’s surrounding us and what our eyes make us think surrounding us. If you’re interested, check out my schedule for my next event by clicking the button down below.


Delivering awesome projects to great companies.


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